Headphones for kids

Special headphones for kids protect child ears

Almost every child and teenager has a music device these days – but are your kid’s headphones safe to use? Kids ears are easily damaged, something that can have permanent consequences and affect well-being, social interaction and learning abilities.

Kids headphones

Safe Kids HeadphonesVolume limiting headphones and protective ear cuffs are good tools to protect your child from ear damage and hearing loss. Tinnitus for example, is a debilitating affliction that can result from exposure to loud sounds. The symptoms can be diverse and range from ringing sounds, pulsating sounds, white noise which sounds like wind or static, etc. If a ear has been damaged in this way there is often no cure and your child will have a permanent ailment that will have a negative impact life quality even as a adult.

Young ears run a higher risk of damage from loud noises for several reasons:

  • Kids often have ear infections which makes the ear more vulnerable
  • Kids venture closer to loud sounds than adults
  • Children of all ages use headphones and ear-buds that have too much volume output
  • Many kids expose their ears to music for several hours at a stretch

How much volume is too much?

Illustration of child with headphonesA normal conversation is about 60 decibels. Anything above 85 decibels is commonly agreed to be able to cause permanent hearing damage. While the damage may be large or small, every instance adds to the affliction and lifelong hearing debilitation, or even loss. How many times does your teen experience levels over 85 decibels when listening to music with headphones? Probably more than you may wish to know.

Many media players can output over 110 decibels. That is why you should make sure that they are using volume limiting kids headphones.

Rock concerts have been measured to exceed 122dba – a level that is guaranteed to inflict permanent hearing. Make sure your kid is using protective ear muffs and/or in-ear protection when visiting loud noise venues. This includes concerts, motor shows, fire-ranges, etc.

Check what type of headphones you kid is using.

There are several types of earbuds and headphones for kids that have a limit to how many decibels they can output and normally max out at 85dba. Audio headgear is pretty cheap though and your kid or teen may have purchased their own listening device. If so, check if they are volume limiting kids headphones, and if not buy new ones.